About F.N.B.C


 Our Ethos

Freedom is a wellness company that caters to the needs of people with sensitive skin by providing skincare products as well as spiritual products that allow the user to reconnect to Self through intentional self care. We seek to provide products that help soothe and heal the spirit because as humans, our physical health is directly affected by the health of our spirit as well. Acquiring tools and techniques to help manage stress, diet and mental trauma will directly affect your overall physical well being and we want to be a part of the process.

For us, Freedom is Naturally Beautiful!!!

Freedom started with the simple decision to live a healthier life inside and out. Sometimes people hear "Natural" and think flowers and granola.  That can be a part of it, but that's not all it is.  Being "Natural" means you choose to have fewer artificial chemicals in your life.  You can be "Natural" and still be sexy, playful, bold, sensual, classy, eclectic, serene or any adjective you choose.  

Having the ability to choose is the beauty of Freedom, and there's always a choice.  Every day you wake up is another opportunity to choose who and what you want to be.  FNBC is about embracing that very concept.  Accepting who and what you are, then displaying that beauty in all its forms.  Knowing that the story you accept for yourself is the one you will live. 


                           Don't let anyone else write your story!