About F.N.B.C & The Owner


 Our Ethos

Freedom is a wellness company that caters to the needs of people with sensitive skin by providing skincare products as well as spiritual products that allow the user to reconnect to Self through intentional self care. We seek to provide products that help soothe and heal the spirit because as humans, our physical health is directly affected by the health of our spirit as well. Acquiring tools and techniques to help manage stress, diet and mental trauma will directly affect your overall physical well being and we want to be a part of the process.

For us, Freedom is Naturally Beautiful!!!

Freedom started with the simple decision to live a healthier life inside and out. Sometimes people hear "Natural" and think flowers and granola.  That can be a part of it, but that's not all it is.  Being "Natural" means you choose to have fewer artificial chemicals in your life.  You can be "Natural" and still be sexy, playful, bold, sensual, classy, eclectic, serene or any adjective you choose.  

Having the ability to choose is the beauty of Freedom, and there's always a choice.  Every day you wake up is another opportunity to choose who and what you want to be.  FNBC is about embracing that very concept.  Accepting who and what you are, then displaying that beauty in all its forms.  Knowing that the story you accept for yourself is the one you will live. 


                           Don't let anyone else write your story!


The Freedom Soul Care Boutique is an ode to Self. 

Tracy S. Allen, a native of Chicago, IL, and is the owner of The Freedom Soul Care Boutique with in-house cosmetics and skincare brand, Freedom Naturally Beautiful.  That may seem strange but the space was created to help others in their journey of healing through self care.  The products and services used here was all ways that I used to care for myself physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Once I cared for one part, I was able to peel back another layer of my being that needed understanding, acceptance, nurturing and healing to work on the next.  I have literally tried every product, tool and service personally in my journey to becoming the best me.  Some I still use and others I don't.  The ones are don't currently use were still instrumental in my growth.  

I am an only child to a single mom and when she passed, I felt a huge hole in my being.  All the trauma I had suffered from childhood was about to start rearing its ugly head.  Unable to deal with it all, I began to do the avoidance dance.  2019 was the first year I made sales with Freedom and also the year I looked up one day miserable at who I was being.  My vibrational energy level was extremely low and that's saying a lot coming from a sexually traumatized, poor, black mixed, girl from Englewood in Chicago. My spiritual journey began this day as well. 
I grew up with psoriasis and had many people in my family with different auto-immune and my mom died of congestive heart failure.  My journey of healthy living and DIY began long before my mental and spiritual healing.  Living healthy and natural is not enough to sustain a person.  My mental health was killing me and my spiritual health was non-existent despite going to church.  I had my first ayahausca session that same year and my life literally changed as I began to channel spiritual messages  during and after my first session.  I would have 3 sessions in 2 years and I sit here today and feel that ability to connect to etheric energy help me heal faster than any therapist. 
DISCLAIMER:  I was not taking any prescription medicine before my session.  Anyone taking ANY type of doctor prescribed medicine should always use caution and talk to your doctor before taking any mind or mood altering plant medicines.  Prescribed medicine and plant medicine do not often get along.  This is not an endorsement for not going to a doctor.  I still go to doctors because I am not one.  Always do what's best for you.
After facing 30 years of my demons and trauma, I was finally able to release the grief I didn't deal with from my mom passing in 2013.  It's 2021 and am I fully healed...NO! Am I better than I was in 2019 when I had a break down in my spirit...HEAL YES!!!!  I feel like a whole new person.
Gratitude happens daily vs the 'woe is me' of old.  I was able to see how I was treating my son and began to remove all that negative energy off of him and he began thriving again.  My negative energy was stunting his growth in all ways.  My problems do not consume me anymore because I know it's only temporary.  I don't hate the person I see in the mirror and many days I even like the shit of her sexy ass.  I have more control over my channeling which was overwhelming at the beginning because it felt like possession when I thought about it and fear crept in.  I learned it's not possession with high vibrational energy but a symbiotic relationship and keeping my energy high is essential to what I tap into. 
Only low vibrational beings want to live in humans because it is a step up for them.  High vibrational beings cannot and do not want to live in human bodies.  No one with money wants to go back to being poor but those without money definitely want more.  Learning to ground my energy and meditate has been essential to keeping my stress levels low and my vibrational energy high.  It's like getting little doses of healing etheric energy.  I will not go back down because up is better. 
This is why I knew I wanted a space of my own to share what I've learned with the hope it will help someone.  My skincare journey to manage my psoriasis brought me to all the products I sell.  After releasing fear, I was able to decide that I wanted to offer tools and services that aiding in the journey of self healing.  It starts with self care in all off it's forms.  There is not magic or a magical pill/drug that can "fix" you.  It's a journey because it requires work on self.  Questioning, reflecting, listening, crying, purging, apologizing, accepting, hoping, celebrating, thanking, praying and healing.  None of that is meant to be easy when facing things you have been avoiding your whole life.

That's a snippet of my story and the story of Freedom.  I hope you feel this story, this energy when you enter the Freedom Soul Care Boutique.   I hope women, regardless of having a skin condition or not, will find freedom in having access to a natural beauty product line that is gentle to their skin as well as products to help with healing and growth of the mind, body and spirit.  Being a Black/Latina Owned Brand isn't easy so I ask you to embark on this journey with me and see what we can build.  Lastly, I want my mom to be proud of me because none of this could happen without her love, teachings and inspiration. 


"The skin and body care products are recipes that I have used on myself for years. I hope you feel the positive intent, purpose and love that goes into every product."  Tracy S. Allen