All Natural, All You


“What is freedom? Freedom is the right to choose...”

Archibald MacLeish


Freedom Naturally Beautiful Cosmetics was started with the simple decision to live a healthier life inside and out. Sometimes I think people hear "Natural" and think flowers and granola.  That can be a part of it but that's not all it is.  Being "Natural" just means you choose to have fewer artificial chemicals in your life.  You can be "Natural" and still be sexy, playful, bold, sensual, classy, eclectic, serene or any adjective you choose.  


Having the ability to choose is the beauty of Freedom and there's always a choice.  Everyday you wake up is another opportunity to choose who and what you want to be.  Freedom Naturally Beautiful Cosmetics is about embracing that very concept.  Accepting who and what you are, then displaying that beauty in all its forms.  Knowing that the story you accept for yourself is the one you will live. 


                           Don't let anyone else write your story!


We are a cosmetics brand, so we are going to post images of our products on a variety of people.  It's ultimately up to you to decide how to use it and what your  version of Natural Beauty is.  You may change your look with your mood and that can  alter from day to day.  You may have a signature look that has been cultivated and that's how people know you.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to your personal style.  Whatever you choose, wear it proudly and with the confidence that it can change when it no longer fits the narrative that you write for your life.   


Choose Freedom and show us what's Naturally Beautiful to you.