About F.N.B.C & The Owner




Freedom Naturally Beautiful Cosmetics is a wellness company that caters to the needs of people with sensitive skin by providing skincare products that allow the user to reconnect to Self through intentional self care. We seek to provide products that help soothe and heal the spirit because as humans, our physical health is directly affected by the health of our spirit as well. Acquiring tools and techniques to help manage stress, diet and mental trauma will directly affect your overall physical well being and we want to be a part of the process.

For us, Freedom is Naturally Beautiful!!!

F.N.B.C. started with the simple decision to live a healthier life inside and out. Sometimes people hear "Natural" and think flowers and granola.  That can be a part of it, but that's not all it is.  Being "Natural" means you choose to have fewer artificial chemicals in your life.  You can be "Natural" and still be sexy, playful, bold, sensual, classy, eclectic, serene or any adjective you choose.  

Having the ability to choose is the beauty of Freedom, and there's always a choice.  Every day you wake up is another opportunity to choose who and what you want to be.  FNBC is about embracing that very concept.  Accepting who and what you are, then displaying that beauty in all its forms.  Knowing that the story you accept for yourself is the one you will live. 


                           Don't let anyone else write your story!






Tracy S. Allen, a native of Chicago, IL, and is the owner of Freedom Naturally Beautiful Cosmetics.  She received her B.A in Merchandising Management, and for 15 years, she pursued careers in hospitality & retail management.  Throughout her career, she also served as a product manager for Victoria’s Secret, which is where she grew to love makeup and become a makeup artist.  

Allen was born with psoriasis, a chronic auto immune condition which leaves her with sensitive and flaky skin over her scalp, face & body.  This condition challenged her love for makeup as her skin was irritated continuously from daily makeup use. Her skin condition, family medical history, and concerning symptoms, such as hair loss, led her to seek medical advice.  A doctor recommended Allen seek relief through lifestyle changes and clean eating, and as a result, she became very interested in holistic approaches to wellness. Allen’s mother died in 2014 during a surgery.  Allen would later learn that her mother’s congestive heart failure could have been regulated with lifestyle changes.  After this, Allen became a DIY queen and found much success creating her own natural and vegan-based beauty products - such as her own hair care and facial products, deodorant, toothpaste, body scrub, and lotions - which alleviated her skin condition, helped her hair grow back, and caused her other symptoms to subside.   

In 2016, Allen decided to create a company as an homage to her mother by developing her own makeup line.  Her mother was always photo ready and often preached to Tracy about why it’s important to be “put together.” Also, She was unable to find makeup brands that were free of the chemicals that caused her irritation.  Allen figured if she was having this much trouble, then others were as well. Allen began trying to create products through the DIY approach, but her efforts proved inconsistent.  She then decided to approach a manufacturer, but after having much trouble finding a suitable company to meet her needs, she almost gave up. However, Allen persevered and in 2019, launched her non-toxic makeup line, Freedom Naturally Beautiful Cosmetics, for sensitive skin.  The line is vegan, cruelty-free, and free from harmful synthetic chemicals like parabens, petroleum, and by-products such as lead, talc, artificial dyes, and colors.  In 2020, she launched Skin Therapy by Freedom.  A line of natural skincare products to help assist in the natural management of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  

F.N.B.C will soon have a retail location called Freedom Soul Care Boutique.  This boutique will allow Allen to include specially selected products that allow customers to engage in Intentional Self Care.  Allen hopes women, regardless of having a skin condition or not, will find freedom in having access to a natural beauty product line that is gentle to their skin and products to help with healing and growth of the mind, body and spirit.  Being a Black Owned Brand isn't easy but with the spirit of such cosmetic greats like A. Malone, C.J. Walker and E. Johnson she wants to create a brand that will inspire other women of color as she was inspired by these great women.  Lastly, she wants her mom to be proud of her because none of this could happen without her love, teachings and inspiration. 


"The skin and body care products are recipes that I have used on myself, family and friends for years.  I hope you feel the positive intent, purpose and love that goes into every product."  Tracy S. Allen