Intuitive Tarot Readings


Tarot Readings are not for reading the future but rather it gives clarity and confirmation on current life issues and decisions that affect the your future based on the energy you are in.  Intuitive messages from etheric energy are given to the guide and the card imagery is used to help understand the message for the recipient.  An intuitive tarot reading involves going much deeper by connecting to higher self energy to help guide and give messages. 

This helps you understand that the future is what you make it.  Everyday you wake up is an opportunity to change your perspective and make new decisions that create your future.  Understanding your current energy allow you to determine if you life is on the trajectory you want.  You decide if you want to head steadfast with how things are going or change and alter it to become something else.  

Sometimes the questions you want clarity on are not the most pressing in your life and your higher self may want to give you a message that is more urgent.  You have to step into a Tarot reading with an open mind and open heart to achieve the best results.