Crystal Infused Fragrance Body Oil


Scent: Musky with a hint of spice and sweetness. Sandalwood, vanilla, dragon's blood, cinnamon and nag champa. 

A complex scent with top notes that invite the senses to deeply inhale and be curios.  The bottom notes are soft but are just as intriguing as they blend with your body chemistry.

Mood: A reminder for you to embrace the complexities that make you who you are.  This journey through life requires curiosity, imagination, courage and agility to navigate it.  This scent encourages you to embrace that concept as you go through whatever situation you are in, then find balance to move as you need to.  


Scent: Sweet with a hint of musk.  Strawberry, vanilla, nag champa and honey.

A familiar sweet top notes makes you envision happy childhood moments.  The bottom notes are warm and comforting. 

Mood: These scents are here to uplift you out of a bad mood and remind you life is about ups and downs.  So if this a down moment, your up moment is next.  There's no need to dwell in this moment because that delays your up moment.


How To Use

Rub oil on the inside of your wrist.  Inhale deeply through the nose, hold it for 3 seconds and through the mouth, slowly exhale.  

Without inhaling the oil, go through the breathing exercise of slowly inhaling, hold for 3 seconds and slowly exhale.  Do this 3 times.

Then decide if you need to repeat, starting with smelling the oil on the wrist and breathing until you feel better.  


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